Fuck yes, I'm In!

If you are ready to step into your next level of sexual liberation and want a compassionate, kind, accepting, inspiring container to do that in you've come to the right place. I highly recommend joining Slut Academy for anyone who's ready to live more vivaciously, more embodied in their own skin with a sense of safety, groundedness and power. And if you just wanna have a lot of fun!

-Faith, USA



"Erika is one of the best teacher's in the world for how to embody your sluttiness, how to just be so wild and raw and true in the expression of your sexuality. If you want to have the best sex life ever, if you want to feel so embodied in who you are in your sexual desire and sexual expression, work with Erika in her Slut Academy."

-Layla Martin, founder of the VITA™ Institue


I joined Slut Academy because my life took a major u-turn and I started really discovering my sexual identity and I wanted to really empower myself with an anchor into who I really was. The community of women in the group gave me the sense of self-worth, self-respect, and for the first time in my life I could express my own desires and sexual personality and have that honored in every way. Erika's approach is intelligent and there's sophistication and clarity in the program. I felt at home with the style and approach, the organisation of the program. It was a delight to feel that such a program really exists and I really enjoyed it! I have felt a true difference in my way of being!

- Jo, Uk/Bali

My definition of a slut is a person who LOVES sex.


Who celebrates their body and pleasure, who feels there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to having an appetite for sex.
Who feels their sexual worth and innate deserving to prioritize pleasure and intimacy.
Who pursues erotic satisfaction.

So, my fellow Slut,

I know you KNOW that you have always been a slut and that you’ve always loved sex, pleasure, and orgasms…

I know that you’re dying to be sexually free, creative, and expressive… 

I know that you’re longing to feel beautiful, sexy, and horny (again), and that you just can’t wait to be that woman...

But you’re feeling


→ Why even bother with this sexy, slutty, horny stuff – it’s all performance and fake – it’s not for me and I don't have time for it! Rather than feeling free and excited around experiencing your own authentic sexiness, and knowing that having passionate sex is available to you regardless of your age and relationship/parenting/career status etc, you have kind of resigned and given up and allowed yourself to become a non-sexy, non-slutty version of yourself that you don’t recognize in the mirror and maybe she kinda reminds you of your mom.


→ Like you always have sex from this auto-pilot version of yourself and it’s boring AF. It’s as if you get into this mode where you just do the same things, it’s a broken record on repeat, it’s more or less always the same and it’s kinda nice but it’s not inspiring or exciting. And you know deep down that you’re a slut who LOVES sex but you’re afraid of letting this version of you come out and play. You can’t remember the last time you tried something new sexually. 


→ You don’t SEE yourself as a sexual woman and you believe being sexy or slutty is a bad thing – “shame on me”. So you tone down your sexiness and you’re not proud of your epically sexy and beautiful body. You don’t believe your partner wants to have sex with you because they truly desire you OR you think something’s wrong because they don’t want to have sex with you. You’re not holding the belief that you can be a woman AND sexy AF.


→ You never initiate sex or flirt with your partner and you feel like your pleasure and sexuality are last on the list. Why should I have to, maybe you’re thinking? Well, because it’s for YOU! But to you, all this feels like they are the boring have-to’s on the priority list if you even get that far. Your sexual creativity is like a long-lost and forgotten aspect of your relationship and sex mostly feels like a chore.


→ Completely clueless about how to turn yourself on, what your sexual desires are and you’re afraid of figuring it out and all your fantasies are 100% PC. You can’t even remember the last time you masturbated or god forbid, masturbated while enjoying a hot and naughty fantasy in your mind’s eye or even worse, consuming erotic content or porn. 😱 You don’t know what you like or don’t like, or if you know what you desire, you judge your sexual desires instead of owning them and you probably judge people or your partner who like things that you think are “bad” or that provoke you and you’d rather fantasize about your kid's playdates than getting fucked deep and deliciously.


→ Like there’s an impenetrable wall between your ordinary self and your sexual slutty self. Sex is a place we go to where we transform into a different version of ourselves and let go of control and the need to be right and know exactly what’s gonna happen. It’s a powerful state of surrender and creativity. Oftentimes this wall that prevents you from fully embodying your slut is internalized shame, fear, and limiting beliefs about your sexual identity and your sexual “rights” as a woman. Stuff from the past, like societal and religious conditioning, stuck in your body, and toxic negative beliefs that are deeply embedded in the psyche and body keep you small in your expression, trapped in fear.


→ You’re lacking inspiration and positive modeling of a healthy, vibrant AND slutty sexual expression. You know you want to have great sex, you experience pleasure and orgasms when you do have sex, but it’s just “MEH” = boring. And if you don’t do anything to shift this – you can see the trajectory of this leading you down the path of even more boredom and the high probability of truly becoming your mother (or some frigid version of an older woman).


→ You have to shrink yourself into a younger, fitter, thinner, prettier version of yourself in order to have the sex you want. You’re stuck in a teenage/immature good girl/woman sexuality that does not allow you to experience the full range of pleasure, orgasm and horniness that are innately yours, in the body that is here and now TODAY.


Can I get a “FUCK YES” to the sexy and unapologetic SLUT you’ve always dreamt of becoming?

→ That you know you’re innately capable of being…

→ That you feel living inside of you…

→ That is just waiting to be unleashed with the help of the right teacher (ME!), the epic community of sluts (us!), and the most powerful and potent practices and tools (I can’t wait to share them with you!).

Fuck yes!

is for the woman who is already experiencing pleasure and orgasms, but who feels like something is missing… 


Think of your current sexuality and pleasure as food… and without sluttiness it’s kinda bland, it’s missing that umami, and you know you just gotta add some more spices and flavorful ingredients to take it from “boring-okay-whatever” to “5-star-Michelin-incredible”.

Well, let me tell you - I know what those secret ingredients are that will make your eyes pop and your mouth and pussy water, and I’m so excited to share them with you. 

Let’s create that five-star experience for your pussy and your sexual creativity and expression!

In this powerful program, you’ll experience:


Being in a community with other women of all different ages, from different countries - being led by Erika of course - just having that community and really being able to grow from each other's experiences and vulnerabilities and sharing... this is huge gift that Erika is giving us because we don't have this very often in this world, to be able to feel safe, to be really vulnerable on the most personal and intimate things in our lives... that has been the greatest gift and has really allowed me to transform beyond what I even thought was possible. I really thank Erika for this program.

- Marie, USA


I'm into yoga, spiritual and body work but I wasn't connected to my sexuality and didn't want to have sex with other people, I felt that disconnected. Thanks to Slut Academy, I can now feel my own sexual energy and feel it and celebrate it with myself - before I thought I could only enjoy that with a partner. Now the foundation is within myself, which is so profound and I didn't know this possible before.

- Joeke, Netherlands

What I love about Erika is how she embodies the “slut” archetype in a way I’ve never seen before. Often times, when we think of the slut, it’s in your face, overt, performative. But with Erika, it feels like a really grounded and integrated expression. It feels fully embodied and it helped me to embrace my own version of my slut and question what that looks like FOR ME.

– Michelle Panning, Intimacy Coach

Welcome to your  

Slut Academy is going to radically change how you experience yourself as a sexual woman! 

In this powerful program, you will be guided to:


Be a SLUT among SLUTS. Your inner slut is amazing. Your slut is powerful. Your slut knows what she wants, and she loves sex. When you claim your slutty essence, you say yes to your sexual appetite and you unleash your horniness. 

Explore your freedom of expression so that you can play with your sexual creativity and experiment with self-expression in (and outside) the bedroom, and figure out how you want to be as an empowered, sovereign sexual adult, which is going to change how you have sex, how you make love, how you give and receive pleasure. 

Joyfully embody living from the place of BOTH AND – you actually get to be a sexual woman AND slut AND seductress AND wife/partner AND mother you want to be without feeling fragmented and disconnected inside. You get to have it all. 

Remove shame and stop playing small in your sexuality (and life), which will help you be more assertive, take initiative, have way more pleasure, orgasms and fun, and feel super vital and joyful.

Make you FEEL and BE slutty in your own unique way. Regardless of your shape, size, age, relationship status, etc., etc., you can 100% enjoy your sluttiness and sexiness and fall in LOVE with your body and honor it as the ageless pleasure temple it is.

Have so much fucking fun which is radical in and of itself. It’s also very freeing, healing, and life-affirming. Feeling happy is a self-turn-on, it’s attractive. Regularly having fun, dancing, moving your body and mind in new ways, and pleasuring yourself are also one of the most potent youth and beauty elixirs. 

Deeply connect you with other sluts. A key part in expanding your sexual expression is being in a community with other like-minded, free-spirited, sex-positive women so that you start to feel SAFE, SEEN, CELEBRATED and LOVED by other sluts, and you can give that gift to others as well. In the community, is where a lot of the magic happens!!

Fuck Yes! I'm In!

In all of my years of teaching (7+ years!) sexuality and pleasure work, I’ve noticed that it’s always the same topic that really gets women activated and excited… slut activation and reclamation!

It’s when I teach about being a slut, that the community blows up in the most positive way, women start sharing about how much they love sex and can’t get enough, it’s when they start acknowledging and celebrating their desires and how they fantasize about people they meet in everyday life, it’s when they feel fucking lit up and turned on! It’s when they have the most fun and feel the most powerful!

So, I said to myself: “Erika, you gotta do this program, you gotta give women what they want the most but are the most afraid of speaking out about…” and hence, Slut Academy was born.

I’m fucking BEAMING with excitement and CAN NOT WAIT TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU!

Slut Academy is a powerful experience where you’ll get:


→ 4 months in an intimate group of fantastic sluts (like yourself) 

→ 13 modules with high-quality content

→ 2-hour weekly live group calls with me and your sisters (recorded and shared on the course hub if you can’t join live or want to revisit the magic)

→ Guided audio follow-along practices to take the transformation even deeper

→ Powerful mindset/journaling prompts

→ Weekly action-taking assignments and fun challenges

→ Lifetime access to the material

→ A magical private Facebook group for the participants in the group where you’ll hang out a lot

Below are the juicy details of all the epic stuff we’ll be doing in Slut Academy to completely transform the feeling of being blocked, on auto-pilot and bored in your sexuality to unleashing your creative, fun, sexy expression and powerful sluttiness so that you can have all the amazing sex you’re meant to have in this short life: 

(Have you seen a sluttier course plan before??)

Welcome Module: Orientation & Opening Ritual + Introduction to Slut Academy 

Orientation and welcome call, where you’ll get to know me, the program, and the sisters in the group and clarify your intentions and desires for this slutty journey.

Module 1: Slut Identity & Definition – craft your own unique slut identity 

Let’s get the essential straight – what is a slut? And you know what, YOU get to decide that for yourself!

In this module, I’ll share inspiration, and historical information about the topic and invite you to think about it from different angles so that you can make an informed decision for yourself and write out your own definition, from which you can take inspired and empowered action throughout this whole program. 

Module 2: Sexual Self Image – shifting your gaze

Sexual self-image is HUGE! Do you see yourself as the sexual and sexy woman and slut you desire to be, that you already ARE? Self-perception is a big piece in all of this – how you SEE yourself drives your behavior and can support or restrict actions and behavior. 

So in this module, you’ll identify where your self-image is holding you back, distorted or simply not up to date and also, of course, learn to look at yourself through a whole new slutty lens.

Module 3: Body Celebration – treating yourself to all the love makes you a better slut

My love, you can’t be the powerful slut you know you are and have the best sex and orgasms if you’re hating on your body, knit picking your beauty apart, worrying about saggy boobs, fat and wrinkles here and there, etc etc. Sluttiness is an essence and it has nothing to do with your body shape or size. Let’s make that be an embodied truth of yours. 

Module 4: Pleasure I – pleasure for pleasure’s sake

Having built a solid foundation so far in the program by working on identity and self-image, we now dive into the juicy bits – literally. Your pussy and all her glory, your pleasure and orgasms. They are intimately connected to your slutty empowerment and expression and hence, we have a module that focuses on YOUR pleasure for YOU. For the most radiant sluttiness, we want you to own and feel worthy of your pleasure.

Module 5: Slut Healing – releasing the past to make space for the new 

Slut shaming… need I say more?

The gentle healing work we’ll do in this module will be essential for a thriving sluttiness and horny pussy. You’ll release feelings of shame and replace them with feelings of honor and pride.

Module 6: Lingerie – dress up AND undress as an empowered and playful slut

Regardless of your current experience with lingerie, you’re gonna love the information, permission, encouragement and inspiration in this module where you’ll play with dressing up, undressing and expressing yourself in new sexy ways. 

You’ll learn why so many women feel uncomfortable with lingerie, identify what your beliefs are and if there’s a desire to change your lingerie wardrobe, you’ll DO IT NOW. 

Module 7: Feminist and Slut – can you be both?

FUCK YES. You can be a sexy, sex-loving, sex-positive, non-judgemental, porn-watching, audio erotic listening, cock-sucking slut AND a feminist. 

But in order to feel that way, you might have to do some digging within to see what contradictions you’re carrying, where you feel you are “disloyal” to feminism if you like and express X, Y, Z, and ultimately break free from any restraints of that BS.

Module 8: Sexual Desire & Fantasies – dare to venture into the world of erotica, fantasies and taboos

Do you know what turns you on? Do you allow yourself to sexually fantasize? And if so, are you okay with that or do you judge and shame yourself?

Human sexuality is naturally transgressive, sexual desire is vast and oftentimes surprisingly non-PC. Let’s play in this fun realm of desire and fantasies, explore what an empowered approach to erotica (porn, audio or written erotica) could look like to you and see if there are areas of your sexuality that are blind spots where you are missing out on some really exciting experiences!

Module 9: Anal Queen – inhabit and reign over your anal territory

Let me teach you how to become an Anal Queen. The asshole is next-level pleasure. Analcourse is the new intercourse. Anal orgasms are life-altering experiences. 

I simply cannot teach you how to be a slut without including anal play. Sorry. (not sorry!)

Module 10: Loving & Fucking Men - feeling immensely safe and powerful  

If you’re a woman, regardless of your sexual orientation, it is so important, essential even, that you do work around men, cocks and fucking men. In a world where both men and women exist, how do you thrive and feel safe and powerful in being sexy, sexual and erotic - this is what we’ll explore in this module. 

Doing this work will support you in feeling whole and integrated as a woman and slut!

Module 11: Ageless Sluttiness – break all the rules 

Getting older is not a death sentence for your sexuality, your sexual expression, your orgasms, and your beauty. In fact, oftentimes, women have better sex as they age because they stop giving zero fucks and they start being authentic. 

And that’s what we’ll focus on in this module, shifting the perspective on aging and sexuality and you reclaiming the power to choose how to age as a slut. 

Graduation Module: Celebration & Closing Ritual 

In this last module, we consciously wrap up and celebrate the journey we’ve shared together and the transformation you’ve experienced and we have our graduation ritual – you are now a certified slut!! 

And, here’s the calendar dates for our whole mastermind journey together, so you have full clarity and can plan ahead!


WOW, that’s 13 week-long modules with amazing content – not too much so you can’t keep up with it, but enough to make you feel that you get that sexy bang for your buck! 

And we’ll also have two integration weeks where you can pause and rest or catch up on previous modules if needed. 

If you want to see the detailed calendar dates for our whole program journey together, so you have full clarity and can plan ahead, CLICK HERE!

So, Babe, ask yourself:


→ Are you dying to be an unapologetic slutty and sexual woman?!

→ Are you ready to revolutionize how you express your sexuality?!

→ Are you craving to feel radically creative in the bedroom?!

→ Are you committed to reclaiming your SLUTTINESS?!

→ Are you ready to celebrate yourself and other women in their most liberated and uncensored sexuality?!

→ Are you ready for all of the changes that doing all of this not only creates in your sexual experience but in your whole fucking life?

Then join us.


I loved exploring different areas if sex! I don't really have many taboos or experience being restricted in that way and when it comes to my own personality I'm a very open minded, curious person BUT I wouldn't have done it on my own and it was really nice to have Erika's guidance through these different areas if my sexuality and discover new things about myself.

 - Ellen

I'm in a major phase of transition right now and Slut Academy helped me get a deepened understanding of where I'm at right now. This program is great for a beginner, even if you've never done any sexuality "work", you can do it. You get an extremely good value for the money, the program is very transformative, and you will have so much fun! (Marcella talks a lot about the differences between my other program SHAMELESS and Slut Academy, so if you're interested in both, this video is very informative)

 - Marcella, Austria



Erika modeled for me what is what like to be on the other side of shame holding me down and that it was actually safe to step into pleasure and freedom... it was paradigm shifting for me.

-Morgan Day Cecil, Feminine Wholeness Coach


Payment Plan


4 x €417 Euros


I want this!

Pay in Full


Or pay in full €1,599 Euros


I'm in!
Book a call with me to ask all your questions OR sign up straight away if you’re that brave bitch.

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 If you’re not sure if Slut Academy is right for you, but you’re feeling a calling inside of you, then I highly encourage you to reach out to me so we can chat – send me a DM on IG or reply to any email I’ve sent and I’m happy to support you and help you get clarity!

Hi, I’m Erika and I’m a slut. 

I’m also a wife, mother, daughter, CEO, business owner, friend. 

And a slut.

My definition of a slut is a person who LOVES sex. 

Who celebrates their body and pleasure, who feels there is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to having an appetite for sex. 

Who feels their sexual worth and innate deserving to prioritize pleasure and intimacy. 

Who pursues erotic satisfaction.

It’s not about being promiscuous, however, if that’s your slut flavor then no shame in that!

Being a slut is a fucking compliment if you ask me. So feel free to call me one. And yourself too!



Are you a slut? Have you owned your sluttiness yet? Do your rule your slutdom?

I say: Own it. 

Fucking own it. 

Your slutty essence is liberation. Freedom to enjoy your body, revel in pleasure, bathe in orgasmic ecstasy. 

Imagine being so fucking radiant that it offends people. 

And to embody with so much peacefulness: “Fuck the haters!”

If you’re a slut and you know it –  CLAIM IT. Celebrate it.

Embrace and embody your inner slut! 

She who knows she loves sex.

She who knows what she wants.

She who knows that she deserves it.

She who likes it hard, soft, deep, energetic, tantric – ANY and all flavors!

She who owns her turn-on.

She dares to express herself sexually.

She who gives zero fucks.

She who fucks.

She who knows how to have fun.

She who devours her lover/s.

She who prioritizes pleasure.

She who is slutty and celebrates it.

She who is shameless.

She who... [insert your own empowering belief].

There’s a part of you who’s a slut and you know it. 

Don’t disown her, embody her.

Don’t shame her, honor her.

Don’t push her away, keep her so very close to you.

Help heal her wounds from years and decades of slut-shaming so she can return to feeling alive, vibrant and be expressed in your life.

And remember, maybe your slut is a sacred slut, a monogamous slut, a promiscuous slut, a role-playing slut, a kinky slut... whatever flavor or qualities or status your slut has - she’s important in your sex life. 

Embrace and embody her and I guarantee you, your sex will be better, more fun, more wild, more carefree, and more orgasmic.

My fellow slut, you are welcome here! You belong here! You are safe here! 

I celebrate you!

When you claim your slutty essence, you say yes to your sexual appetite and you get to unleash your horniness

Horniness that otherwise is blocked by societal and religious conditioning and repression:

Good girls don’t...

Mothers don’t...

Women don’t…

I shouldn’t…

Etc etc...

From a very early age, you were taught to reject your desires and repress your sexual urges in order to avoid negative consequences and ramifications if you should GOD FORBID be sexually free and expressive.

You probably experienced that you were really held back in fear of rumors…


But not here. Not in this space. Not in Slut Academy. 

HONOR ON YOU!!! You get to be horny AF. You get to LOVE sex. You get to brag about your sexiness and how amazing your sex life is. 

See, it’s a radical act to reclaim your slut. It’s not always easy, but it’s possible and it will liberate your horniness, pleasure and sexual expression.

So, again, to all my fellow sluts - I celebrate you. I honor you. And I’ve got your back.

And I invite you to join Slut Academy. 


→ You’re feeling a FUCK YES to your uncensored sexual power, sexiness and sluttiness.

→ You’re feeling shit scared yet fucking lit up by all this. 

→ You are open-minded, deeply curious, and totally willing to go out of your comfort zone.

→ You already experience sexual pleasure and/or orgasms, and you want to take it to the next level.

→ You are passionate about self-development, the sexy, juicy, real, raw way — not just airy-fairy affirmations and some journaling, but the deep, get-your-hands-dirty kind of work.

→ You’re a shit-stirrer, a provocateur, a badass, a bitch, a YES-sayer – OR – you’ve always wanted to be one and now is the time.

→ You’re ready to be challenged in the most exciting, wonderful, life-changing ways.

→ You’re soooo looking forward to doing potent, powerful self-pleasure and embodiment practices. 

→ You’re craving a sluthood, a womanhood, of like-minded babes from all over the world, where celebration, encouragement, and unwavering support will be pillars of the community.

→ You have a desire to add more magic, witchery, and spirit to your earthly life.

→ You want to access your PUSSY POWER.

→ You’re a self-responsible, sovereign adult who is ready to show the fuck up and do the work and understands that I can’t change you for you. But I’ll make the work as juicy and fucking magical as possible!

Fuck Yes, I'm in!


→ You’re experiencing little to no sexual pleasure, a lot of blockages in your sexuality, sexual and/or emotional numbness and shutdown (in this case, I recommend you consider doing my other program SHAMELESS instead)

→ You have a history of sexual trauma that you haven’t processed or integrated through professional support (therapist, sex coach, etc.).

→ You are incapable or unwilling to touch your own body sensually or sexually.

→ You don’t have sound or space privacy to participate in the live calls and/or to do your practices.

→ You prefer 1:1 connection and focus instead of a powerful group container with lots of group sharing and connecting.

If you’re not sure if Slut Academy is right for you, but you’re feeling a calling inside of you, then I highly encourage you to reach out to me so we can chat – send me a DM on IG or reply to any email I’ve sent and I’m happy to support you and help you get clarity!

I had the joy of working closely with Erika before, during and after the Slut Academy vision landed (a privilege!) and she is THE ONE YOU WANT to guide you on this journey. Erika has a fierce conviction about the transformative power of owning your sexuality. And as a consequence, she walks the talk and lives this work.

Her embodiment is her transmission and if you have any iota of interest in a deeper connection with your sexual self, you want to be in her energy! Erika is a wellspring of knowledge and has the scholarship to back up her methodology. Because it's not just about finding someone who is "edgy" and brave enough to "go there"...it's about finding someone who does that from a grounded, informed and practiced place. She is the Uber Slut -- and an Uber Nerd! And that's who I want, inviting me, challenging me and guiding me on such a journey.

The cherry on top is that Erika is also fun! She laughs easily. Her smile is incandescent. These things matter because sexual conditioning can have heaviness and fear around it and Erika's balance of gravitas and lightness will ensure you 1) feel safe and 2) ENJOY navigating to your unapologetically, vibrant, slutty self!

Erika won't invite you into any space that she hasn't already fully explored so you will have safety and conscious containers. That being said, she is going to challenge you to evolve. YOU WILL DISCOVER SO MUCH!

- Keylam Qazzaz, generel bad-ass and Mom

I asked the women in the program the following question: 

Please share what you got from Slut Academy and what’s are the three most valuable transformations. This is what some of them answered: 


 More turn on, more creativity and inspiration, more self penetration, more tears, more being real and honest with myself, more dancing, more aliveness, community and connection. 

1 - Being more real and honest with myself 

2 - Exploring self worth 

3 - The support in ending the relationship I'm in that I know isn't serving me.


More confidence. More aliveness. More support. All three of those things mean so much to me. 

1 - Dancing with my chemo pump. 

2 - Simultaneous orgasm for the first time (ever?) with my husband. 

3 - More mojo.


PLEASURE. Orgasm! I have been able to have SEX with a person and just listen and set boundaries to let it go again. Wow- totally new for me. I practice all the practices ALMOST DAILY and I feel so good. I was in a shithole these past months, totally feeling alone and lost. And this gave me life and even more energy that I could have desired. 

1 - Really being able to enjoy my body, love it and wear it like a fucking model Queen

2 - Owning my sexuality, with very little shame

3 - Daily PLEASURE and ease. Massive surrender and making these practises a priority in my life 

4 - Experiencing orgasms in all kinds of ways!  


Courage to explore who I am, to talk about sex, my desires and my relationship. And mainly the release of so much old sexual bagage I new I was carrying but hadn't even dared to touch.

What are the three most valuable transformations you’ve experienced so far?

1 -  Module 2's live practice was radically transformative to me, so much stuff that came out of my body and I truly left my fears behind. And that has affected everything sex-related to me. 

2 - Being in a space with women on similar journeys and talking/writing about sex has lowered the threshold for me doing the same. 

3 - A new-found courage and sexual identity.

1 - Being more real and honest with myself 

2 - Exploring self worth 

3 - The support in ending the relationship I'm in that I know isn't serving me.


Some self-healing, some self-empowerment, increased self-love 

1 - Showing myself to others in the container and owning me regardless of not being everyone’s flavor.

2 - Increased self-love and self-acceptance, a renewed sense of appreciation for this vessel, 3 - Affirmation that I have been living disconnected from my body, insight that I desire to prioritize pleasure 


The space to explore and connect with other like-minded women. I have developed a lot of self love and self permission to explore. The sexual energy I put out now is much more grounded and secure - which has/is attracting wonderful men into my life. I’ve LOVED and been so surprised by the FUCK YESS attitude that you and everyone brings, and the fully authentic and transparent style of communication about each topic. Total feeling that it is a completely shame-free place 

1 - Learning from other women in the program and gaining inspiration by how they live their lives

2 - Shameless connection and love for my pussy

3 - A lifetime of resources to dive deeper into the topic after the course ends.



The community for me is so valuable. But all of it. And I so appreciate how in depth everything is. It doesn't surprise me, but I'm impressed. You overdeliver in the best way.

1 - The blossoming from being witnessed in community

2 - The importance of this work returning to me because of the calls, the practices, the mindset work

3 - The natural release of so much shame around sluttiness - a lot of this was tied between my sluttiness and an early STI. I felt safe and vulnerable to explore that on the live call, and that has been so huge. The healing that happens when you can be vulnerable in a safe and supportive space.

1 - Learning from other women in the program and gaining inspiration by how they live their lives

2 - Shameless connection and love for my pussy

3 - A lifetime of resources to dive deeper into the topic after the course ends.




Payment Plan


4 x €417 Euros


I want this!

Pay in Full


Or pay in full €1,599 Euros


I'm in!
Book a call with me to ask all your questions OR sign up straight away if you’re that brave bitch.

Book here

 If you’re not sure if Slut Academy is right for you, but you’re feeling a calling inside of you, then I highly encourage you to reach out to me so we can chat – send me a DM on IG or reply to any email I’ve sent and I’m happy to support you and help you get clarity!

I’m sure you have questions! 

Call To Action



Payment Plan


4 x €417 Euros


I want this!

Pay in Full


Or pay in full €1,599 Euros


I'm in!
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